Our areas of expertise

Better profits, performance and reputation with lower costs and the promise of continuous improvement. These are the powerful benefits of working with SP Sourcing, but how we achieve them depends on you. Your business, your market, your supply chain, your goals, your strategy. We’ll adapt our services to meet the individual requirements of your business. However, our expertise falls into four clear areas: Ethical Leadership, Sourcing, Supplier Development and Supply Chain Management.


Ethical trading and sustainable sourcing is increasingly a business imperative for manufacturing and service companies. Customers demand it; legislation requires it; reputations depend on it. We can help you achieve it. Learn more...


How can you reduce your costs without letting standards slide? With our supplier network, category expertise and fully robust processes, we have all the answers you’re looking for. Learn more...


Suppliers using their own initiative to work in your interests and their own. This is the essence of truly profitable supplier relationships. It’s also precisely what we have to offer. Learn more...


We know the value of scalability and adaptability in supply chain management. Our proven optimisation methodology fits around your business, offering real flexibility and differentiation in the market. Learn more...