The Team

Combining more than 50 years’ strategic experience, our Sourcing & Supply Chain Specialists are fully equipped to help manufacturing and service companies make more of this critical operational area. Cost reduction is just one part of our offer – we find many ways to improve the performance, efficiency and sustainability of your supply chain. Together, our global sourcing expertise, ethical leadership, strong supplier network and progressive outlook forms a far-reaching and flexible service offer. More than that, we’re driven by our company values to make a difference in the right way.

In-country teams

Andy and David drive our work, but you can rely on high-performing in-country teams to deliver it. Our extensive knowledge network gives us access to the best talent throughout the world of sourcing and production. We’ll find the people you need to deliver the sustainable benefits and cost reductions you want, with all the commitment, insight and loyalty you require.
David Capperauld

David has a wealth of knowledge of end-to-end sourcing and supply processes, built over a career that began at British Aerospace nearly 30 years ago. CIPS-qualified, he’s worked with organisations in numerous sectors, helping them treat ethical sourcing as a core business issue that delivers real bottom-line value.

Co-founder David brings all of his experience to our Ethical Leadership and Sourcing services. His expertise enables our clients to develop their strategic thinking around ethical and sustainable sourcing, so that it seamlessly integrates into their wider organisational objectives.

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Andy O’Hare

Andy’s expertise in developing and reinventing supply chains is built on a successful executive career in global account management, sales and supply chain management. Over 26 years, he has managed relationships and created strategic alliances on a global scale, resulting in lower costs, faster times to market and greater efficiencies.

Andy’s sector expertise is widespread: on top of 15 years in electronics manufacturing, he has worked in defence, retail, pharmaceuticals, financial services, media and outsourcing. With an MSc in Materials Management, he has been the driving force of our Supply Chain and Supplier Development expertise since co-founding SP Sourcing in 2007.

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