• Ethical Business. Sustainable Results.

    We provide ethical leadership, innovation and proven expertise in global sourcing to create consistent, sustained value for all stakeholders in the supply chain.
  • Efficiency

    By reducing complexity, increasing transparency and adapting processes, we give you the keys to unlock supply chain value.
  • Profitability

    We can get your products to market faster and work with your suppliers to adopt a profit mentality.
  • Corporate citizenship

    As world leaders in responsible entrepreneurship and ethical trading, we can help protect and enhance your reputation.
  • Cost reduction

    We guarantee that by working with us, you will see a fall in your supply chain costs.
Ethical trading and sustainable sourcing is increasingly a business imperative for manufacturing and service companies. Customers demand it; legislation requires it; reputations depend on it. We can help you achieve it. Learn more...
How can you reduce your costs without letting standards slide? With our supplier network, category expertise and fully robust processes, we have all the answers you’re looking for. Learn more...
Suppliers using their own initiative to work in your interests and their own. This is the essence of truly profitable supplier relationships. It’s also precisely what we have to offer. Learn more...
We know the value of scalability and adaptability in supply chain management. Our proven optimisation methodology fits around your business, offering real flexibility and differentiation in the market. Learn more...

About us

Combining more than 50 years’ strategic experience, our Sourcing & Supply Chain Specialists are fully equipped to help manufacturing and service companies make more of this critical operational area. Cost reduction is just one part of our offer – we find many ways to improve the performance, efficiency and sustainability of your supply chain. Together, our global sourcing expertise, ethical leadership, strong supplier network and progressive outlook forms a far-reaching and flexible service offer. More than that, we’re driven by our company values to make a difference in the right way.

Our values

  • Ownership

    We care about what we do and take pride in our work.
  • Integrity

    We’re trusted to do the right thing for our customers, suppliers, partners and the communities we work in.
  • Openness

    We’re honest, transparent and trustworthy.
  • Innovation

    We give our clients fresh ideas and visionary thinking.
  • Results

    We deliver on our promises.